CASIMEX was created in 1990 by its C.E.O., Sydney KNAFOU, and is based in Saint Maurice.

It employs around 25 people and generates annual sales of over 10 million euros excluding VAT.

The company imports products, mainly from the US and Israel, and distributes them in supermarkets all over France.

Notre activité

CASIMEX specializes in the distribution of groceries, beverages, fresh and frozen products supplied by its own team of salesmen and merchants.
CASIMEX represents and distributes the product lines of Unilever Israel (Telma, Beigel & Beigel, Rose of Galilee, Klik…) and represents in France the two biggest Israeli winneries (Golan Heights Winery et Galil Mountain Winery) for which it also handles logistics for Europe. 

Casimex imports and distributes as well many European and Israeli brands (Beit Hashita, Schmerling Switzerland, Merba, Laurieri…).

Nos marques

The company has also introduced its own brands:

– BATON ROUGE, a range of classic kosher products
– ETHNIC DELIGHTS, a quality ethnic gourmet line with no added color or preservatives, many times awarded
– BORNIBUS, a selection of sauces and condiments with a vintage design, very attractive to Fines Groceries
– LES FLOREALES, a collection of easy-drinking Italian wines and sparkling
– SHIMSHON, quality wines from north Israel

CASIMEX’s presence at various agribusiness expos, the fact that its brands are known to be synonymous with high quality selection criteria all allow the company an increasingly significant presence on national, European and international markets.


38 rue du Maréchal Leclerc | 94410 Saint Maurice | FRANCE

Tel : +33 1 43 77 69 82 | Fax : +33 1 49 56 92 24

E-mail : casimex@casimex.fr




Zone d’activité Activeum

8, rue Georges Guynemer

67120 Altorf – France


3500m² of storage space